A catio is a secure outdoor enclosure for your pet. The use of a catio means that cats that are normally indoor only have an opportunity to go outdoors and be safe. Cats cannot wander off or come to harm if there is traffic near by or other dangers.

Sad as it is, things are getting to the stage where cats are no longer safe outdoors, a catio is a really good alternative. This gives cats the best of both worlds while keeping them safe. Although, some people intent on harming animals will still do so even if a catio is used, this is a safer alternative to roaming.

Some people still think outdoor is best however and that using something like a catio will mean that cats lose out. This is true and ideally cats would be both outdoors and indoors as they wish. As things are with cruelty, traffic and other issues, this is the next best thing. Pet owners can add items to make this as natural as possible for their cat.

This is also useful for pet owners with sick cats, who love being outdoors, but need to have regular medication. A catio means that cat owners can locate their pet easily to medicate and still allow them time outdoors.

Does anyone have a setup like this for their pet cat/s?

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