Breed is not what causes dog bites. Any dog is capable of causing injury, although, thankfully the majority of dogs never will.

In some circumstances, dogs that bite, do so to protect themselves. This can happen because the people around that dog have failed to spot the signs. Dogs don’t tend to bite without warning.

Another reason, is that some dog owners (very few thankfully) train their dogs to be aggressive. The dog is not to be blamed and the owner should face punishment for training the dog in such a way. Sometimes these dogs can be retrained and rehomed.

One thing is certain though, the breed of a dog is not the reason for dog bites. Many factors play a part and we should not allow BSL to continue to take the lives of innocent dogs.

From The News

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A short history of the ‘dangerous dog’ and why certain breeds are banned

Contact Your MP And DEFRA

Those who live in the UK should contact their local MP asking them to support and end to BSL.  Find out who your MP is.

Contact DEFRA and share your thoughts about BSL with them (remember to be polite so your voice will count) –

The Petitions

Please support an end to BSL by signing the petitions below. Let’s help stop innocent dogs being needlessly put to sleep.

Take action for dogs affected by BSL

Repeal SI 138 and allow exempted dogs who pose no danger, to live with keepers.

End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Northern Ireland

Amend the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow for fair, uniform return of seized dogs.

End breed specific legislation in the uk for good


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