The image above is of a mummy cat and her babies. Cute right? Well, we won’t disagree with that BUT there are far too many pets being bred and not enough homes for them all. That is why it is encouraged that you spay and neuter your pets. It’s not that no-one wants you to enjoy cute kittens or puppies. It’s more concern about if they have good homes. Or if they are set for a life of misery.

We ask that you help pets by spaying and neutering your pets. Help control the pet population and stop animals becoming trapped in rescue with uncertain futures. Or worse still, falling into the wrong hands because you are not able to keep them all, or being thrown out to fend for themselves.

It is up to us to do what we can to sort this situation out. If you take on a pet, you are responsible for what happens to that animal, that’s what you have taken on. You need to be fully aware of the commitment involved before homing any animal. Don’t just take a pet on without first researching what is involved. A big part of that involvement is ensuring that your pet be spayed/neuter so they do not contribute to the increasing pet population.

The only time it can be forgiven not to spay or neuter your pet, is if they have a medical issue that prevents it. There is no other excuse. Your pet does not need to have one litter. Letting them have a litter is of no benefit to them at all.

Please encourage others to do the right thing for their pets. We cannot continue to just say it is wrong, we have to act to prevent the problem becoming worse.

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