No Place For An Animal

The circus is no place for an animal! Well except humans who choose to be there and take part.

Some people still visit and don’t realise just how much animals suffer in the circus environment. Being kept in a tiny enclosure and made to travel around is not a good life for any animal. That’s not to mention the stress, with all the loud noise, and people around.


The following article is about a tiger named Aasha and her recovery after life with a circus. Due to lack of medical care and being kept in a tiny cage she became ill. The circus she traveled with did not get her the help she needed.

Sick Tiger Cub Rescued From Circus Makes Incredible Recovery

Tigers are not meant to be kept in small cages, no animal is,  they should be free to roam in the wild just as nature intended. Humans have no right to do this to animals. We are not better than they are. We all share this planet and can be of benefit to it in many different ways.


Scotland have recently banned wild animal circuses and we hope that the rest of the UK will follow.  We need to keep asking for a ban on this worldwide.

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