Animal Experiments

Animal testing is done with various reasons given as to why, a couple of those are: medicine testing and product testing.

Animals suffer in many different ways due to the tests that are carried out. Some have to endure much pain and suffering, before their lives are ended, as they are no longer of use.

So many people around the world have no idea of what torture these animals go through. We ask that you help make more people aware of this, and also, sign the petitions asking for a stop to this. We will add on some links to further information on this as well.

Further information

Examples of Severe Animal Suffering in Laboratories

Harm and Suffering


Experiment at the University of Missouri. Beagles had their eyes forced open so experimenters could intentionally damage their corneas.

Stop Supporting Inhumane Spinal Cord Experiments on Animals

Congress: Stop Wasting Tax Dollars to Torture and Kill Monkeys for Bad Science!

DOVE – stop animal testing

Demand that Eli Lilly and company stop experimenting on animals to enhance its profits

Don’t Test E-Cigarettes on Animals!

Demand an End to Animal Testing for Cosmetics, Now!


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