UPDATE: The ban has been suspended for now. We will update here if that changes.

Montreal have decided to ban pit bulls. The decision was made after a vote on the matter and a majority voted to ban the breed.

The new bylaw will apply to all 19 boroughs and will define pit bulls as:

Staffordshire bull terriers.
American pit bull terriers.
American Staffordshire terriers.
Any mix with these breeds.
Any dog that presents characteristics of one of those breeds.

Pit Bulls do not deserve all the bad press they get. In the right hands pit bulls make fantastic pets and should not be a banned breed anywhere. We are saddened at the latest news.

How You Can Help

Make anyone from the Montreal area aware of this ban and ask them to contact – BARC’s Rescue who are trying to help get dogs classed as type in the area to safety. That is if the owner does not wish to choose to have their dog registered.

BARC’s Rescue are also asking for anyone who is able to foster in Western Canada to get in touch with them by filling out this form (They ask that you point out you are interested in fostering a Montreal dog)- http://barcsrescue.com/foster-application.html

From The News

Montreal passes controversial pit bull ban

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