The Basics For Pet Ownership

It is important to remember that there is much more to owning a pet than what is written below. Please research and make sure you are up to the challenge before getting any pet.


 Make sure your pet has access to water at all times. This is important so that they do not become dehydrated. Unless of course they are fasting for surgery.


Make sure that your pet is having regular feeds. No animal should be expected to go for long periods of time without food. Unless of course they are fasting for surgery or have another medical reason for doing so and you have been advised by a vet.

Shelter From The Elements

This could be something like a dog kennel, shed, something you have made which is suitable for that purpose. They should not be stuck out in the rain or other bad weather without somewhere to go and sheild from it.

Vet Care

Take your pet to the vet when needed. Do not knowingly leave an animal to suffer without seeking vet treatment. It is cruel to leave an animal to suffer needlessly.


You don’t need to walk endless miles to exercise a dog, but you should not get one if you cannot exercise them. Cats are even easier in that you can simply spend time using toys to play with them.

A Comfortable Bed

This will not only keep your pet happier, but will also keep them nice and comfortable. Not all pets like or appreciate being made to sleep on the floor.


So simple, yet, some pet owners don’t show their pet they are loved. Sad right? Well love is something every pet has the right to know. It takes very little effort to show you care.
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