Doggy day care is a great idea for those with dogs who work during the day or for other reasons will need somewhere to leave your pet for a while. It is somewhere your dog can go and socialise with other dogs and interact with the staff there. This means that your pet will not be alone for long periods of time.

You should be aware however that sometimes things go wrong. There are some things you can do to prevent problems.


Before you decide to leave your pet at any doggy day care, visit first, and see how the staff interact with the dogs in their care. If something does not seem right, do not leave your pet there. We have no doubt that the majority of staff will be animal loving, and that your pet will be in safe hands, but sometimes that is not so and we just want you to be aware of what can happen.

Any business that looks after peoples pets should have no objection to you seeing where your pet will be before you choose to do business with them. You have every right as a pet owner to feel comfortable about where your pet will be. Try and meet staff members who will be looking after your pet, and if possible, ask if you can bring your dog along for a visit.


Ask friends and family if they can recommend anywhere for you, even those you work with may know of somewhere that is able to take good care of your pet. Look for reviews online and see if you can find anything that will reassure you.

When Things Go Wrong

The following video is not intended to put anyone off using doggy day care, we just want to highlight what can go wrong, and suggest  you use the ideas already mentioned to help prevent it from happening.

WARNING: This video shows a man punching a dog in the face. You will need to hit pause to stop play.

Video Footage of Pennsylvania Dog Daycare Employee Repeatedly Punching Dog

News article: Footage of Pennsylvania Dog Daycare Employee Repeatedly Punching Dog

If you have any concerns about somewhere that looks after pets, we suggest you contact the local authority for your area, and make them aware of the problem. Always speak up and stop more animals from suffering.