Don’t Buy Pets From Puppy Farms

Puppy farms are about profit only. They are not about spending time and effort ensuring you take home a healthy pet. Puppy farms are horrid places that care nothing about the animals in their care. Do not support them!

Rescue is the best option, and you are not only taking on a puppy or dog to love, you are also making a space available for another animal in need.

If you must buy a puppy from a breeder, be careful who you give your money to. We’d much prefer if people adopted pets, but for those who can’t or don’t want to, we ask that you do all you can to make sure your pet has not come from a puppy farm. Ask lots of questions, and if something doesn’t seem right, walk away.


Things To Look Out For

1. If there are lots of other dogs or puppies for sale. That could be, from the same seller, or at the same property.

2. Do the puppies seem confident? Puppies from puppy farms are not socialised very well, so if the puppy you see seems very nervous, that could be the reason for it.

3. Are the puppies showing any signs of illness? A lot of puppies sold by puppy farms are ill. Be sure that you are buying a healthy pet before parting with any money.

4. Are some of the puppies different breeds. If you see more than one puppy, and they are of different breeds, please be careful.


What You Can Do

1. Ask lots of questions. If something does not seem right, the best thing to do is walk away. Don’t feel bad for asking anything. You as a buyer have a right to know about a pet you are purchasing.

2. Can you see the parents? If you cannot view mum and dad, you should be very cautious. Ask why they are not there with the puppies. Especially mum.

3. Find out the age of the puppy. If you think the puppy is younger than what is stated, don’t go any further. It is recommended that puppies be with their mum up until the age of 12 weeks. Taking a younger puppy means they miss out on a lot of important learning.

4. Do the puppies spend a lot of time indoors or are they kept outside. Ask to see.

5. Never buy a puppy from someone who insists on meeting you in a place such as a carpark. This should set off alarms bells. A good breeder would have no issue with you visiting their home.


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