Whilst most of us enjoy halloween and watching fireworks, many pets do not, and some have a great fear of the noise caused by fireworks.

Noise wise, it is a good idea to keep your pet indoors if you know that there will be fireworks going off in your area, even before halloween night. Keeping pets in on halloween night is a good idea.

Make sure your pets microchip details are up to date. Should they become lost, you will be re-united much sooner.


Some Ways To Help Your Pet Cope

1. Keep your pet in a room away from the noise. This will help reduce the stress level for your pet.

2. Give your pet lots of attention and reassurance. Leaving your pet alone may add to his or her fears. Try not to act worried around them though, as they may be able to sense it.

3. If you have family in a quieter area, ask if you could bring your pet to their home, until the fireworks are over.

4. Ask your vet if they can recommend ways to help your pet cope at this time of year.

5. Provide your pet with toys for entertainment. This will help distract from what is going on outdoors.

6. Leave the television or radio on to help drown out some of the noise from fireworks and trick or treaters.

7. Add extra bedding for smaller pets to help them feel more secure.

8. Keep horses, ponies, and donkeys in stables.

9. If you cannot bring rabbits indoors, place their hutch in a shed until the fireworks stop, or facing away from noise.

10. Keep dogs on a lead whilst out walking to help prevent them running off if a firework goes off nearby.

The dogs trust have some tips on how to help your pet cope with the sounds –  Sound Therapy for Pets


Pet Safety

Keep an eye on your pet with any decorations you have put up. Make sure that they cannot become tangled in any, and if you will not be in, consider putting your pet in a safe room.

Important to note is that sometimes black cats are targeted at this time of year and you should take extra care if you have a black cat in your care. Unfortunately there are those who still believe in superstition or who just have bad intentions. Although any cat or dog can be a target at this time of year (or any time), black cats tend to be the most likely to suffer abuse.

If you see or become aware of cruelty, make a call, and report what you have seen or heard. It is important to continue to speak out for animals.


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