Grandview Aquarium in China, also known as ‘The Ocean World’,  is gaining much media attention. It is located on the sixth floor of a mall, and is said to be one of the longest aquariums in the world.

Many people have heard of Pizza, who is known as ‘the saddest polar bear in the world’, and lives at Grandview Aquarium. Video footage and photographs have been posted online, showing this polar bear looking sad, and depressed.

Pizza is not alone, there are many more animals at the mall, taken from their natural environment to be put on display. Conditions at the mall are not suitable for all these animals and now it appears that there are plans to add more animals to the list.

We ask that you sign petitions in support of their re-location. We need voices to help these animals.

The Petition

Help shut down Grandview Aquarium in a mall in Guangzhou, China!

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